Manchester Unity Building Tours

Please note we are no longer offering our dining option prior to the guided tour. The experience now exclusively consists of a one-hour guided tour.

1 hour guided tour

  • Join us for a formal 1-hour guided tour of the Manchester Unity Building, including the iconic boardroom and rooftop terrace.

    Tour Route: Manchester Unity Building Arcade, the lifts and Melbourne’s first escalator, Level 1 Smile Solutions (Old Mezzanine Shopping Level), Level 12 Collins Street Orthodontics (Old Penthouse), Rooftop and External Tower, Level 11 Smile Central and the Boardroom.

    Cost: $50 per person

  • Manchester Unity Boardroom Table
How often do tours run?

Our tours run on a 1 set Sunday per month. There are 4 time slots available on those days.

When will you release tour dates?

Dates are released online 1-2 months prior to the event.

What is the tour accessibility?

Seating is not available during the tour and attendees are required to walk up two flights of standard stairs. Wheelchair access is not available on the tour and we’re unable to assist guests with mobility aids.

What is your cancellation policy?

We require at least 7 days notice of cancellation or transfer prior to the event and not including the event day. This notice is to be sent by email to Please note the Eventbrite ticketing system will not refund your booking fee ($3-4 per ticket).

Are children permitted on the tour?

No children under 10 years of age are permitted on the tour. Children 10 years and over must be accompanied by an adult. We do not offer a children’s menu.

Do you offer gift vouchers?

We do not offer gift vouchers at this time.

Can I book a tour outside of published tour dates?

We are unable to facilitate private tours outside of our advertised tour dates. However, if you have a group of 30-40 people, your group may secure one tour slot on any of our scheduled tour dates. Please email for more information.

How do I know when tickets are available to purchase?

When new tour dates become available we will send an email to our subscribers as well as make announcements on Instagram and Facebook. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.