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The Manchester Unity Building is home to a handful of residents and just over 100 small businesses. As well as countless patrons, it attracts thousands of visitors every year, including participants in the Melbourne Opera House tours.

Do you have family members who worked on or in the building in its early days?
Have you toured the building? If so, would you like to share your experience?

You are invited to publish here stories or comments of interest. Also welcome are any documents, pictures of memorabilia, or relevant historical information.

    • Dear Dr Pajouhesh, We had the most wonderful breakfast & tour today in the beautiful Manchester Unity Building and I want to thank you, as a fellow Melbournian, for your vision, commitment and dedication in restoring and preserving this incredibly special building for future generations to enjoy. Your contribution and kindness to the people of Melbourne in this way is a huge blessing and gift. Thank you!

      Fiona09-06-2022 4:13 PM

    • From a grateful Melburnian a huge Thankyou to Dr Kia Pajouhesh for his passion and restoration of this wonderful icon of our city. Lunch and a tour what a wonderful way to spend a few hours. Highly recommend a visit

      Yvonne Maher22-11-2021 8:27 PM

    • As a teenager I worked in the Manchester Unity building for in a mail sorting room. I was selected as one of the girls to go downstairs to sell Manchester Unity health insurance in our bright green uniforms. I remember the old lifts and our dear tea lady that would come around with her trolley. Many find memories. It would be lovely to take a tour.

      Sharon Swanson27-03-2021 12:09 PM

    • I was fortunate enough to take a course in dressmaking and design at the McCabe Academy in the early eighties, an also teach night classes, which gave me an opportunity to explore the building and its nooks and crannies before it became too gentrified. Such fun for a young girl.

      Josephine Healy18-10-2020 8:30 PM

    • This building just took my breath away. I went to visit the boutique diamond engagement ring jeweller Simon West fine jewellery and being in this magical building, it made my special and exciting period of my life even more memorable. The architraves throughout the building and ceilings are to do for.

      Rey20-08-2019 12:22 PM

    • We very much enjoyed a delicious breakfast at 1932 Cafe and tour of the MU building. The food was hot, fresh and delicious. I was impressed with the staff who had taken particular notice of dietary needs, were friendly and very efficient. The tour guide was most informative and a pleasure to listen to with an obvious passion for the building, the staff and businesses within. We would certainly recommend.

      Linda and David10-08-2019 4:39 PM

    • Had a wonderful breakfast and your last Sunday morning (04/08/19) . The food and drinks were fine. The waiting staff were so friendly and accommodating . Great tour. The detail noted and taken in the restoration work to bring some of this Art Deco delight back for us to appreciate is impressive and appreciated. Would certainly recommend the cafe and tour.

      Jenni & Bill09-08-2019 5:41 PM

    • Such a treat to view this lovely building. I understand the glass on the boardroom table was made by Chance Bros in England. I would love to find more information about its provenance as my great great great grandfather was the founder of Chance Bros and made not only this type of glass but also many of the lighthouse glass prisms around Australia. I look forward to hearing from you.

      Mary Iles08-08-2019 7:04 PM

    • So many wonderful stories, so much history revisited and all in a brief 2 hour interlude. The Cheese & wine tour seemed so very well suited to our venture into the refurbished Grand Dame and proved to be just that. Thank you Dr Kia for your vision and business savvy that has ensured such a treasure's survival. Please do not lose your passion.

      alba04-08-2019 10:37 PM

    • We thoroughly enjoyed the Mother's Day breakfast firstly at 1932 Cafe & Restaurant. The staff were excellent and very friendly and the food was delicious. This had us in a relaxed mood for the wonderful tour of the building that was to follow. Our guide along with her daughter in the support role were excellent. Our guide had so much passion along with knowledge of what has happened in the building to bring the floors. along with the rooftop we visited back to the 1930s era. Can highly recommend this wonderful "walk back in time" visit to one of Melbourne's icons Yvonne and Bruce Dite 12.5.2019

      Yvonne Dite13-05-2019 7:05 PM

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