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The Manchester Unity Building is home to a handful of residents and just over 100 small businesses. As well as countless patrons, it attracts thousands of visitors every year, including participants in the Melbourne Opera House tours.

Do you have family members who worked on or in the building in its early days?
Have you toured the building? If so, would you like to share your experience?

You are invited to publish here stories or comments of interest. Also welcome are any documents, pictures of memorabilia, or relevant historical information.

    • So many wonderful stories, so much history revisited and all in a brief 2 hour interlude. The Cheese & wine tour seemed so very well suited to our venture into the refurbished Grand Dame and proved to be just that. Thank you Dr Kia for your vision and business savvy that has ensured such a treasure's survival. Please do not lose your passion.

      alba04-08-2019 10:37 PM

    • We thoroughly enjoyed the Mother's Day breakfast firstly at 1932 Cafe & Restaurant. The staff were excellent and very friendly and the food was delicious. This had us in a relaxed mood for the wonderful tour of the building that was to follow. Our guide along with her daughter in the support role were excellent. Our guide had so much passion along with knowledge of what has happened in the building to bring the floors. along with the rooftop we visited back to the 1930s era. Can highly recommend this wonderful "walk back in time" visit to one of Melbourne's icons Yvonne and Bruce Dite 12.5.2019

      Yvonne Dite13-05-2019 7:05 PM

    • We are locals and booked for a lunch at Cafe 1932 (wonderful service) and a tour of the building. The treasures you find in your own city! Chloe was an engaging and knowledgeable guide who brought it to life for us. I would recommend this tour to anyone. I enjoyed it all and would like to take a trip back in time to the shopping arcade. Thankfully Dr Kia found his 'church' and set about buying and restoring part of the building - what a wonderful contribution to the city. The rooftop provided wonderful views over the city and I liked the story about the architect's clever plan to make it the tallest building in Melbourne at the time, while staying within building regulations. Thank you to all involved.

      Elizabeth Fennell22-03-2019 11:25 AM

    • Thankyou for a great tour have waited 5 years to see this building as was not lucky with the ballot for the Open Building days. I bought my wedding gown at Patches in 1976 So happy to think the building is being restored. Would love to see more photos on the website

      K Millett20-03-2019 9:57 AM

    • During the 1930's my father owned a clothing manufacturing business on the fourth floor of Manchester Unity. I have found newspaper advertisements from the Argus and Age including his other business locations at 118 and 232 Flinders' Lane, also at Invicta House, Burrell House, Majorca House, as well as 33 Sydney Road Brunswick. All operated from the 1920s up until the late 1940's when he sold off all manufacturing machinery and equipment to move to Horsham, where he remained in an unsuccessful attempt to attract staff, returning to Melbourne in 1950 and a one-man Tailoring business at Camberwell Junction. During the late '20s and '30s my father was a rather wealthy man, a palatial home in East Hawthorn with a ballroom, a Packard limousine and a croquet lawn to entertain his business associates, and masonic, golf and musical groups that he was a member of. I once had a photograph taken on the roof of Manchester Unity sometime in the 1930s of my father and all of the 100+ machinists and ancillary staff of C.L. Jones P/L, with my dad seated in the middle front. ..Sadly, this photo has disappeared about 20 years ago. Any further information would be greatly appreciated ..

      Jannine Jones29-01-2019 1:44 PM

    • Thank you to Chloe, our tour guide on Sunday November much knowledge and passion for the mysteries and hidden treasures in the Manchester Unity building. I only had scant knowledge of this wonderful Art Deco delight, and my daughter even less, but we went away awe inspired. It is not really a tour for the 10 year old and under. It is a testament to the grand vision of 1932. Specking of which, the breakfast at 1932 was an absolute delight. I was a lucky recipient of a gift voucher for the day and could not have enjoyed it more!

      Robyn McAlister12-11-2018 5:19 PM

    • Love the Manchester Unity Building and absolutely adored the tour. What a rich history, what a spectacular restoration and continuing story. Congratulations to our two guides, excellent storytelling skills and presentation. Many thanks to 1932 Cafe & Restaurant for a delicious breakfast. Such a beautiful building in our city - have already recommended the tour to family and friends. Just loved it!

      Louise Holley15-10-2018 5:51 PM

    • From the first moment you step into this building you are transported back in time. The staff at 1932 cafe were so lovely and accommodating. The history is everywhere you look and the stories told on the tour are fascinating. The restoration is breathtaking and so fitting of the beautiful building this is. I would recommend this tour to anyone visiting Melbourne, or even if you live here. Being a tourist in your own city is a great way to discover and explore gems like this.

      Jenni Richardson12-08-2018 8:10 PM

    • I love being a tourist in my own home town and this tour was everything I'd hoped it would be. I used to visit friends who worked in the building back in the 80's and to take my own children on the tour to see the Art Deco splendour was such a delight. Also the service at 1932 Café was exceptional. My son requested a gluten and dairy free dessert without prior notice and they accommodated him with his dessert willingly and helpfully. The wine was delicious and the baked chicken done to perfection. Thank you to all for allowing us this opportunity.

      Julia Smith18-06-2018 4:54 PM

    • Wonderful experience post mothers day present for my wife afternoon tea and tour 10/10 Thankyou

      Peter Harrison17-06-2018 9:00 PM

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